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New Tools to Content Consumption

Technology has changed entertainment industry with smartphones, tablets, game consoles and other devices providing instant access to content, games.

We make it easy to take advantage of this by transforming how people pay for their content consumption experience. Instead of visiting stores to buy content and games, they can simply purchase a stored value product in-store or online through retailers.

We provide tools and services so digital stored value products, licenses and game pins/keys/codes can be purchased retail or wholesale.

Tools & Services for Creators, Producers, Labels, Studios

As a content creator or owner, you want to ensure you make the best decisions for your digital content to maximise its impact and commercial success.

We offer a range of tools and services to make this possible.

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Say Hi to a MidemLab Finalist

Midem picks 30 Hottest Startups in Music every year. EF has been selected as one of the finalists in Marketing, Social Engagement and Monetisation Solutions category.

Thank you Midem

Finally technology is there to help

We don't think anybody had found the recipe until now.

For the first time, there is a platform that will distribute your creation fast, without friction; measure its success and maximize its potential by enabling you to view, track, fine-tune all digital activity.

We will even help track and prevent piracy, and track offline activities like Radio Plays, TV Plays, Concerts, Events and Official Charts, and much more besides.

We think you will like it.

Most impactful thing I have used in my career. I don't know what to call it hence called it "thing". I can distribute, see what is going on on a daily basis, track most important charts and how we are doing on social media. Most importantly, it can correlate it all so I understand what I see. - Hadi Elazzi/Label Owner, GRGDN

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